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When is the auspicious date of decoration commencement in June 2017? What should we pay attention to on the auspicious day when the decoration starts in June 2017? Next, let's take a look at the inquiry form of the auspicious day of decoration commencement in June 2017

auspicious day for decoration commencement in June 2017

June 4, 2017, lunar may (small) 10th Sunday, Gemini

June 7, 2017, lunar may (small) 13th Wednesday, Gemini

June 8, 2017, lunar may (small) 14th Thursday, Gemini

June 10, 2017, lunar may (small) 16th Saturday, Gemini

June 11, 2017, lunar may (small) 17 Sunday Gemini

June 13, 2017 lunar may (small) 19 Tuesday Gemini

June 14, 2017 lunar may (small) 20 Wednesday Gemini

June 17, 2017 lunar may (small) 23 Saturday Gemini

June 20, 2017 lunar may (small) 26 Tuesday Gemini

June 23, 2017 lunar may (small) 29 Friday cancer

June 25th, 2017 lunar June (small) 02 Sunday cancer

June 26, 2017 lunar June (small) 03 Monday cancer

June 28, 2017 lunar June (small) 05 Wednesday cancer

June 2017 decoration auspicious day taboo list

early days

June 4, 2017 lunar may (small) Sunday, 10th Gemini

appropriate: marriage/marriage/marriage nacai/wending/overbooking/employment completion/Dading seeking medical treatment and repair/decoration, land migration/housewarming/moving/moving into the house, earth breaking and burial

avoid: opening/opening/opening

June 7, 2017, May 5 of the lunar calendar (small) Wednesday, 13th Gemini

appropriate: sacrifice, fasting, plastic painting, open light, go out, repair/decorate, make earth, make livestock, thick bed, drain water, dig wells, open pools, open toilets, net and break the earth

avoid: fire into the house

June 8, 2017, May 5 of the lunar calendar (small) Thursday, 14th Gemini

appropriate: opening/opening/opening transaction, setting up a ticket, hanging a plaque, opening the light, removing the demolition, moving the ground to settle the bed, building/decorating, Shangliang real estate, planting, breaking the ground and burying

taboo: making a stove, making a fire, sacrificing marriage/marriage/marriage into the house

June 10, 2017, May 5 of the lunar calendar (small) Saturday, 16th Gemini

appropriate: marriage/marriage/marriage nacai/wending/overbooking/employment completion/Dading engagement/engagement crown hairpin car maker sacrifice, opening light, praying for heirs/asking for children/having children

travel lifting, logging, fire, demolition, repair/decoration, earth beam, bed, planting and earth breaking

avoid: funeral, property purchase, house burial

12 what is the auspicious day for the commencement of decoration in June 2017 When? What should we pay attention to on the auspicious day when the decoration starts in June 2017? Next, let's take a look at the inquiry form of the auspicious day of decoration commencement in June 2017

mid day

June 11, 2017 lunar may (small) 17th Sunday Gemini

appropriate: marriage/marriage/marriage accounts, tailoring crown hairpin, logging, upper beam fire, demolition and migration/housewarming/moving/relocation, construction/decoration, earth moving, money building, embankment and planting plug holes

avoid: bed, pray, go out, burial, funeral, open light

June 13, 2017 lunar may (small) Tuesday, 19th Gemini

appropriate: marriage/marriage/marriage sacrifice pray for blessings, heirs/children/have children, open up travel, lift the fire, dismantle, repair/decorate, enter the population, migrate into the house, move/move/move

move the ground and settle the bed, accept the livestock planting, accept the financial transaction, sign a plaque, make the livestock thick

avoid: bury, open the grave, autumn funeral

june 14, 2017, lunar calendar may (small) Wednesday, 20th Gemini

appropriate: an mechanical sacrifice prays for blessings, prays for heirs/begs children/gives birth to children, bathes, relieves nacai/wending/overbooking/hiring/Dading opening/opening/opening/repairing/decorating the upper beam of the vertical column

open the column hole, install the Dui, return to the xiubu, fill the wall, plug the hole, disassemble, discharge water, fire, sweep the house, open the grave, bury the shoumu, Xie Tuqi, remove clothes and clothes

avoid: marriage/marriage/bed as a stove, break the ground and build a ship

June 17, 2017 On the 23rd day of may (small) of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Gemini

should: Na CAI/wending/overbooking/end employment/Dading engagement/engagement, crown hairpin sacrifice, blessing, fasting, travel, construction/decoration, land migration/housewarming/moving/moving into the house

incense burning, demolition, roof building, foundation, vertical column, upper beam, Ding, door, and pool opening

avoid: marriage/marriage/Wedding opening/opening of the market/opening of the longevity tree for burial

june 20, 2017, may of the lunar calendar (June 20, 2017)small) Tuesday, 26th Gemini

appropriate: Na CAI/wending/overbooking/employment completion/DA Ding Guanji seeking medical treatment opening/opening/opening/issuing a voucher to build/decorate mobile earth safety machinery to break the ground for burial

avoid: fasting sacrifice migration/housewarming/moving/moving into the house Shangliang marriage/marriage/marriage

late June 23, 2017 lunar calendar may (small) Friday, 29th cancer

appropriate: marriage/marriage/marriage crown hairpin repair/decoration ground for stove migration/housewarming/moving/moving into the house to fill the wall, plug the hole, Na, animal husbandry, horse breeding, horse repair/decoration

ground breaking, foundation setting, pool opening, shipbuilding

avoid: pray for light, dig wells, open markets/open for burial

June 25, 2017, lunar calendar June (small) On Sunday, February 2, cancer

appropriate: marriage/marriage/marriage engagement/engagement Na CAI/wending/over engagement/employment/DA Ding Guan hairpin Club relatives and friends an mechanical car maker sacrifice travel Na CAI into the house

An Xiang goes out of the fire, enters the school, paints and opens the light, dismantles and removes the foundation, builds/decorates the earth, herds and plants, installs the gate, opens the toilet

avoid: funeral, logging, beam and cooking stove

June 26, 2017, June 26, the lunar calendar (small) On Monday, March 03, cancer

should: open the door to ask for heirs/ask for children/have children, go out, get married, get married, log a horse, open a column eye, repair/decorate and migrate/move/move/move into a house

open the market/open the business/open a transaction, make a ticket, go out, hang a plaque, build a foundation, repair/decorate, open a grave, gather shoumu, be buried, remove clothes, move the coffin, and bury

avoid: set up a bed, ship goods, make a stove, break the ground

june 28, 2017 lunar calendar June (small) On Wednesday, May 5, cancer

should: an mechanical migration/housewarming/moving/moving into the house, going out to sacrifice and pray for blessings, fasting and gathering/wending/overbooking/hiring/Dading engagement/engagement, an incense fire lifting

meeting of relatives and friends, building/decoration, ground breaking and demolition, basic migration/housewarming/moving/moving into the house, building a bed, repairing/decoration, earth breaking and burial, monument

avoid: opening the market/opening the business/opening the logging and beam cooking stove





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