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After more than 30 years of development, Magnolia wallpaper has become one of the largest professional wallpaper manufacturers in China, with an annual wallpaper production capacity of 7million rolls

after more than 30 years of development, Magnolia wallpaper has become one of the largest professional wallpaper manufacturers in China, with an annual wallpaper production capacity of 7million rolls and a wallpaper production capacity of 5million square meters. It ranks among the world's first-class wallpaper manufacturers, and its products sell well all over the world

it is reported that Magnolia wallpaper can obtain the service "champion" of the wallpaper industry, which is inevitably related to the large-scale activity "one heart, one hundred million, thank you for having you" held by Magnolia wallpaper in 2011. The Thanksgiving feedback activity lasting for one year has made consumers have a deeper understanding of the professionalism and perfect service system of Magnolia wallpaper products

nowadays, there are many industries in the market, and each type of industry is subdivided into countless small industries, which go deep into all aspects of our life. With the improvement of people's quality of life requirements, brands in various industries are constantly improving the service system. With professional, comprehensive, high-quality and efficient services, Guangdong Yulan decorative materials Co., Ltd. has made a service commitment of "two-year warranty and lifelong maintenance"

it is understood that Magnolia dealers in the front line must strictly implement the service standards of Magnolia wallpapers. In addition to filing and managing consumer information, they should also make regular follow-up visits to users, and implement the policy of free warranty and lifelong paid maintenance for the sold Wallpapers within two years. Over the years, Magnolia wallpaper has earnestly implemented and fulfilled this commitment. After nearly 30 years of continuous efforts, it has finally grown into a top professional team in the wallpaper manufacturing industry and won the recognition and affirmation of consumers

since 2011, Magnolia wallpaper has successively opened direct stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities. The opening of Direct stores has introduced the 4S service concept of the automotive industry into the wallpaper industry for the first time, creating a precedent in the industry, and also bringing more high-quality products and more professional services to consumers

"what are the characteristics of your wall? What effect do you need the wall to bring to the whole? You have a design idea, and the professional team will realize it for you; you have no idea, and the professional team will make a scheme for you to choose." Magnolia wallpaper introduces the concept of service-oriented personalized decoration to help customers realize their spatial aspirations. According to the needs of customers, experts communicate with customers to understand their needs and determine the basic situation of the wall. Help customers quickly master the professional knowledge of wallpaper, provide recommended samples, customize products according to requirements, and establish a cooperation process according to the situation of both parties

in 2012, Magnolia wallpaper will further upgrade its service system, which will run through all links of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, and truly solve the difficulties of consumers in choosing, installing and maintaining wallpapers

pre sales: make professional recommendations and reasonably introduce the advantages and disadvantages of products of various materials to consumers from a professional perspective

on sale: door-to-door measurement, free access to the room to measure the wall area, and reasonably calculate the loss according to the selected pattern, so as to save costs for consumers. Check the wall, and provide consumers with appropriate wall treatment products and adhesives according to the wall condition and wallpaper material

after sales: consumer data archiving management; Telephone follow-up, to pay a return visit to the problems of consumers in the process of using Magnolia wallpaper, and pay a return visit to the satisfaction of construction services, so that consumers can rest assured after buying

dealers in all places on the front line are the main units of after-sales service of Magnolia wallpaper. Magnolia requires dealers in all places to strictly implement the above requirements and constantly improve the service quality. At the same time, Yulan is also seeking cooperation with some large construction teams around the country, and is preparing to establish its own professional team to provide better services to consumers

choose quality, but also choose service. Home decoration service is endless. Professional, human and healthy brand services can not only bring consumers first-class home decoration experience, but also provide correct guidance for consumers to build a healthy home environment and avoid home decoration pollution. The activity mode of Magnolia wallpaper quality and brand service will become an excellent industry model




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