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Recently, Kangpai paint, which is the top ten paint brands in China, the first choice for paint franchise, a well-known trademark in China, and the endorsement of the famous comedian Guo Donglin, with its strong brand strength and excellent product performance, defeated more than 30 domestic and foreign paint brands at one stroke, and once again became the designated paint brand for the interior and exterior wall decoration project of the Medical College of Henan University

the Medical College of Henan University was founded in 2001. Its predecessor was Kaifeng Medical College, which was founded in 1929. With undergraduate teaching as the center, we strive to cultivate high-quality clinical medicine and stomatology professionals who meet the development needs of national medical and health undertakings, have solid theoretical foundation and practical ability, strong innovation spirit and development potential. The medical college has a strong faculty, advanced teaching and scientific research equipment, and complete experimental facilities. It undertakes the teaching tasks of professional basic medical courses such as clinical medicine, Stomatology, pharmacy, nursing and clinical psychology

Henan University Medical College

in the process of project bidding, in view of the high standard requirements of the decoration project Department of Henan Medical College for the performance of environmental protection and safety, mold resistance and alkali resistance, pollution resistance and scrubbing resistance of the interior and exterior wall coatings, "Kangpai paint" won the unanimous recognition of the review experts with its comprehensive indicators of ultra-low VOC, dense film, smoothness, good leveling, excellent decoration effect and construction technology. Finally, Kangpai paint, with its excellent product performance, perfect coating engineering solutions and good cost performance, stood out from many well-known coating brands at home and abroad, and once again became the designated brand of interior and exterior wall coatings for the decoration project of Henan University Medical College

Kangpai paint has a distribution network all over the country, and its high-quality products and considerate services are deeply affirmed and loved by the majority of consumers. Kangpai paint won the gold content coating industry, and the top ten brands trusted by consumers are proof! The top ten brands that consumers in the coating industry can trust are jointly initiated by Sina home furnishing, China Building Materials Circulation Association and China home furnishing and building materials industry research institute. Based on the vote of millions of netizens, 10 authoritative experts and 40 media alliances evaluated and evaluated. Kangpai paint, which is highly praised by the public and professional evaluation, has truly deserved its reputation for brand influence and brand strength. The winning of the internal and external wall paint of the Medical College of Henan University is the best proof

Kangpai paint, one of the top ten paint brands, has a complete product structure. Its products include interior and exterior wall paint, home decoration wood paint, architectural paint, furniture paint, wood door paint, waterproof paint, etc., which can meet all the needs of construction engineering and home decoration. This time, Kangpai paint successfully won the bid for the interior and exterior wall project of Henan University Medical College, which perfectly demonstrates the strong competitiveness of Kangpai paint with complete product structure and excellent product performance




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