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With the improvement of living standards and the increase of housing area, many children now have their own independent space, so the decoration of children's houses is more and more concerned year by year, but how to carry out the decoration and how it is suitable for the healthy growth of children are not clear to many parents

from the safety and environmental protection of furniture and building materials to the scientific and reasonable color matching, the decoration of children's room is actually very exquisite. In the past, many parents didn't pay attention to the decoration of children's rooms. The general performance is that boys' rooms are only painted with blue paint on the walls, while girls are painted with pink paint. Now it's different. In addition to paying attention to raw materials, the layout of walls is also diverse

first, the shape of the ceiling inspires Association

when decorating the children's room, the top surface of the ceiling cannot be ignored, and the shape of the ceiling can also integrate functionality and aesthetics, because the lighting of the children's room is very particular, which should ensure sufficient light and not be too dazzling. Making soft light through the shape of the ceiling can give children a safe and warm feeling. For example, making smallpox into blue sky, white clouds or bright starry sky can arouse children's infinite reverie

lighting is also an important part of the main color of the room. The main color of children's room does not need to be as stable as adults, but needs to feel a little floating, bright and lively. Of course, the color tone of the children's room needs to be constantly changed. In childhood, he may use some strong contrasting colors and exaggerated patterns to stimulate his association. In childhood, he uses neutral and cooler colors to meet his more calm aesthetic needs

second, children's elements are integrated into the overall home decoration

children's elements do not need to be confined to the children's room. Some children's elements can be placed in other rooms, which can not only improve the integrity of home decoration, but also make children feel that the home is a whole rather than a single individual, which is also very good for shaping a healthy personality

for example, you can put the children's piano and drawing board in the living room, and let the children boldly show their talents when guests come, which will help build children's self-confidence. For another example, you can post children's photos, School Awards, children's paintings, etc. in the public area of the home, which is also very good for cultivating children's personality. If it is a small family room, you can also consider using open partitions in the children's room, or using sliding doors to maintain privacy and improve the sense of space in the room

third, decoration materials should be environmentally friendly

wood paint, wall paint, glue, natural stone, etc. contain benzene, formaldehyde, radiation and other adverse factors to varying degrees, so we must choose products that meet safety standards, such as paint or wallpaper for children's rooms. In addition, the decoration of children's rooms should be simple, not too complex hard decoration, and reduce the pollution caused by the superposition of decoration materials

the floor of the children's room can be made of non polluting materials such as wood floors and various ceramic tiles. Wood floors and floor tiles are also good for scrubbing, even if they are dirty. Be careful not to use carpets. Some families use pure wool carpets in their rooms for fear of children falling. In fact, this practice is unscientific: blankets will breed mites and other invisible parasites, which will cause children to suffer from upper respiratory diseases; Various chemical fiber carpets will cause allergic reactions in some children

in the wall decoration of children's room, it is recommended to use artistic paint or liquid wallpaper. Artistic paint can make richer effects than wall paint, and it is also more environmentally friendly. Wallpaper specially used for children's room can also be used. This kind of decorative material has less harmful substances, meets environmental protection standards, and is easy to scrub when it is dirty. But even so, you still need to open the doors and windows after decoration and ventilate for more than four hours a day

IV. the space is left blank for easy change

generally, the change will not be too big after the home is decorated, but the children's room is an exception. Because a child's character is not completely stereotyped. As he grows older, he accepts more and more new things, and the things he likes may be changing. And as children begin to go to school, the children's room should also realize the transformation from an amusement park to a good reading environment. Therefore, it is very important to leave space in the children's room. For example, some corners can be left empty first. When children are young, there are places to run and dance in the room, so there is no need to worry about bumping. When he goes to school, a computer desk in the corner can meet his learning needs

therefore, in order to reserve space for changes, light decoration and heavy decoration are also a criterion for the decoration of children's rooms. After all, the overall change of hard decoration is more difficult, but it is very convenient to change soft decoration such as fabric art and curtains




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