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When it comes to decoration, many people have big heads. The reason is very simple. There are too many tricks in the decoration, which makes it impossible to prevent

when it comes to decoration, many people have big heads. The reason is very simple. There are too many tricks in the decoration, which makes it impossible to prevent

tricky one: there is a mystery in the quotation

the first problem faced by decoration owners is often that they can't understand the quotation. Insiders said that it is really not easy for ordinary business owners to understand the decoration quotation, because the seemingly clear quotation hides a lot of professional knowledge, and non-standard decoration companies may use it to make an article and set traps for the owners

lower the price of a single item

owners usually ask for advice from friends who have been decorated in advance, or go to the market to understand the price of a certain material, but the information they know is often one-sided. For example, the owner knows the current unit price of floors and tiles, but does not necessarily know the labor cost of floor installation and tiling, so he cut down the price of floors and tiles, but suffered a loss in labor cost. Therefore, when looking at the decoration quotation, the owner should not only focus on the single price of a project, but also integrate the costs of labor, loss and other aspects as well as the costs of other projects

"missing" some main materials for hard decoration

some main materials were deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. The owner was attracted by this quotation with reasonable overall price and signed the contract readily, but in the next decoration process, the owner will continue to add money for these malicious "forgetting" of the decoration company. To resolve this risk, the owner must require the decoration company to clearly write all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself

fuzzy quality, grade, specification

this is a common trick used by non-standard decoration companies. Although it states that some materials are needed and the quantity of materials is indicated, it does not state what quality, brand and specification materials are selected. The owner shall require each item of the quotation to describe the elements of the material in as much detail as possible. During decoration, pay attention to check whether relevant materials are purchased according to the specified requirements

stealing the unit of measurement

this trick is generally the most difficult for owners to see through, because owners rarely pay attention to the units on the quotation, and not knowing different units means that the quotation figures deviate greatly. For example, if you order a shoe cabinet, the quotation says "main material: 8mm glass shelf + 1cm tempered glass + mirror + accessories, unit: item, quantity: 1..." it seems very reasonable. In fact, there is no explanation about the size of the shoe cabinet, leaving an opportunity to drill holes. The owner shall require to calculate according to the actual area, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., and try not to take "item" as the unit, so as to avoid errors in the decoration process

the construction process is ambiguous

looking only at the numbers and not looking at the text description is a problem that most owners often make when looking at the quotation. They always feel that a digital error will cause losses, and the text description must not be able to do anything, which is not the case. Whether it is wall coating construction, floor construction or sewer construction, they all have their own construction process requirements. If a process is omitted in the middle, it may cause you a lot of trouble in future life. Problems such as paint falling off the wall and water seepage in the toilet are mostly caused by the poor decoration construction process. Therefore, the owner had better learn more about decoration, try to understand the construction process standards of various projects about indoor decoration, and regularly go to the decoration site to understand the process, which has a certain preventive effect

experts' suggestions: the quotation should be "three looks"

a relatively complete decoration quotation, including the decoration budget attachment (legally binding), the budget agreement (indicating the materials purchased by the owner and the decoration company, as well as the model, grade, brand and unit price of this material), the customer's main material list (the list of main materials purchased by the owner) and the decoration quotation list (in addition to the quotation of all materials, there are detailed construction standards), General business owners have a headache when they see it clearly. Owners who don't have time and professional knowledge must not only focus on the price, because your bargaining result is only a small advantage, not to mention that the total price obtained by different companies using different materials and different calculation methods is not highly comparable. You can use the following "three looks" to prevent the quotation from getting greasy

look at the design drawings, because this is the general plan for decorating the house. You can ask the decoration company to mark all the materials needed in the quotation according to the design drawings without looking at the quotation, and specify the materials purchased by yourself and on behalf of others in the contract, and then decide not to make any changes to the design, so your decoration cost will be very close to your quotation cost in the end

second, look at the main materials, because the cost of main materials accounts for the bulk of your decoration expenditure. You should know the main materials commonly used in the market or the specifications, prices, styles, brands, etc. of your favorite main materials in advance. When looking at the detailed list of quotations, you should first see whether there is a problem with the main materials and whether you have made it clear

third, look at the construction technology, because it determines the decoration quality and service life of the house. Before decoration, you have to understand the general construction process of interior decoration, and know how many times the wall coating needs to be painted and how many processes the ground treatment is divided into

tricky 2: the quality of decoration materials determines the profit of decoration companies. Therefore, shoddy and short weight have become common practices of bad decoration companies. When owners purchase materials themselves, they are more likely to encounter the "deception" of illegal businesses

the floor is "short in weight"

according to industry experts, the length and width of each floor of the same specification are the same, but the number of consumers can't exactly match the area of the room to be paved, so some floors need to be cut, such as the 90 cm long floor, if 80 cm is used, the remaining 10 cm must be pieced together to other places, if it can't be pieced together, it can't be used, which will cause loss. According to the industry regulations, after the consumer finishes laying the floor, the floor that is still complete can be returned. In order not to allow the consumer to return, the installers of some floor brands use the method of increasing losses to let the consumer spend more money, such as deliberately cutting more complete boards

another situation is that some floors are "short weight". For example, the board should be 90 cm long, but the products provided by some manufacturers are only 85 cm each. When consumers buy, they often only count the number of floors, but do not measure the length and width of each floor. In this way, the number of floors eventually used will increase a lot. For example, only 80 square meters were used in the prediction, but 90 square meters were actually used in the end, and consumers finally had to pay hundreds or even thousands of yuan more

experts say that usually the loss of floor laying is only 3% to 4%, and the utilization rate can even be reduced to 2%. In other words, if consumers buy 100 square meters of floor, the loss area should be controlled between 2 square meters and 4 square meters. In addition, the loss of flooring in square rooms will be smaller, while the loss of circular rooms will be higher. If consumers find that the floor area laid is more than 5% larger than the room area, they can ask the floor manufacturer for a reasonable explanation

cabinet low price trap

at present, cabinets are generally quoted according to linear meters, and some brands offer 50% or 40% discount to attract consumers, but many consumers will find that after ordering their products, if the original design scheme of cabinets is adjusted, and accessories are added or changed, the manufacturer will list a lot of supplementary payment lists, and it is found that the actual expenditure is very different from the budget on the quotation

industry experts remind decoration owners that the prices of cabinet accessories such as countertops, handles, baskets, etc. vary greatly. Some manufacturers make profits by lowering the cabinet price and raising the price of accessories. If consumers only order cabinets and do not choose their designated accessories, the manufacturers will definitely not agree. Therefore, consumers had better choose the cabinets of well-known brands, and keep an eye on the brands whose quotation is significantly lower than the market price

spare parts are quoted at will

decorated accessories are often ignored by owners, but in fact, accessories are the products that businesses are most likely to "deceive" consumers. In many building materials markets, merchants usually mark the prices of main materials very clearly, but most of the accessories do not clearly mark the price. Merchants see people's quotation, and sometimes the price may vary several times. Some merchants also sell fake accessories to consumers as famous brands. Industry experts suggest that consumers had better go to formal building materials stores to buy accessories

measuring tape can "do magic"

measuring tools such as measuring tape, scales and calculators are used when purchasing some materials. Some illegal businesses deceive consumers with tools that have been used as hands and feet. For example, the measuring tape marked as 1 meter is actually only 0.9 meters. Some long measuring tapes have a section cut out in the middle, and some calculators can increase or decrease numbers at will. Many consumers are shrewd in bargaining, but they are not careful enough in subsequent measurement, which is used by businesses. Industry experts remind owners that it is best to bring their own measuring tools when purchasing materials

tricky three: the construction process is "torn down"

the decoration owner can't stay at the construction site all day, and some construction workers take the opportunity to cut corners on work and materials. In this way, the construction team saves materials and labor, but leaves quality hidden dangers to the owner

generally speaking, concealed works can cut corners most. As long as they are closed, the owner cannot find them in a short time. For example, the wires do not go through the pipe, and the floor grille is not leveled. Others, such as wall coating and wood paint, are deliberately painted less times. Industry experts suggest that the owner must clarify with the construction personnel that the concealed works must be closed after acceptance





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