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The domestic plastic film packaging machine has a strong sales trend

influenced by the international packaging trend, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers began to use plastic film packaging in the process of product portfolio packaging, gradually replacing the traditional cartons and plastic turnover boxes. The advantages of plastic film packaging are: low packaging cost; It can effectively reduce accidents caused by bottle explosion; The utility model can solve the pollution problem of the surface of the memory bottle caused by the plastic turnover box in the process of circulation and stacking; Wide range of applications, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans and cartons; And it can give consumers a fresh and fresh feeling. Due to its many advantages, the market has a large demand for plastic film packaging equipment, and the pressure roll acts on the test piece, so the prospect of plastic film packaging is very optimistic

at present, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, there is already a good way in China. For example, there is a good way to limit the use of plastic bags by raising prices. More than ten "enterprises, including Guangdong No. 2 Light Industry Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing henghao Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., have developed plastic packaging machines, and the sales momentum is strong. For example, Guangdong No. 2 Light Industry Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has received orders for nearly 20 plastic film packaging machines, and the factory is organizing personnel to work overtime to ensure on-time delivery. The market prospect of plastic film packaging machinery and equipment is broad. In the future, more and more enterprises will join this field. The competition must learn to take its own path. The competition will become increasingly fierce. How to embody their own advantages and characteristics, manufacturing enterprises should not only work hard on product quality, but also develop equipment with different specifications and performance based on the actual needs of different industries and enterprises of different sizes

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