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In the period of brand dispute, the competition of doors and windows enterprises is naturally becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, as for doors and windows brands, how to adhere to the positive competition advantage is very crucial. In general, door and window enterprises can help enterprises develop in the long run from the following three aspects

1. Adhere to the innovative competitiveness

in recent years, the door and window profession has suffered from internal and external difficulties, but the rigid demand of the mall has always existed. The key to seize the market share depends on the innovative ability of the brand. There are many brand enterprises in the door and window industry. These brand enterprises have innovative ability and planning ability, and they can reach a leading position in the level of appearance planning, process production and other fields. To adhere to the competitiveness, door and window enterprises should constantly strengthen their self innovation ability, pay attention to cooperating with top planners and planning institutions at home and abroad, absorb new ideas and good ideas, and integrate them into products to promote the improvement of process level and planning level

2. Resource integration

there is no doubt that in the current economic situation, it is increasingly difficult for individual soldiers to win in the market competition. However, most door and window enterprises are still in the stage of fighting alone, and have not established the understanding of resource integration and cluster. As an important part of the home building materials profession, the door and window profession should pay full attention to the advantages and interests brought by the group. In the process of transformation and promotion, door and window enterprises can fully rely on each other to integrate product resources, shopping malls, planning resources, human resources and other resources, promote each other to promote industrial promotion, and form an industrial cluster with strong competitiveness

3. Transformation approach

in addition to the above two, path transformation is also indispensable. The transformation of door and window enterprises should pay attention to multiple ways and focus on strategies. Domestic sales should focus on seizing domestic shopping malls by relying on professional stores, e-commerce and other ways; Export sales should gradually establish independent brand sales channels, such as establishing exclusive stores abroad. In addition to the transformation of e-commerce, door and window enterprises are also looking for other ways of transformation, such as expanding urbanization. With the further acceleration of urbanization, many enterprises have stopped expanding in the first and second tier cities and pursued to develop shopping malls in the third and fourth tier cities to grasp policy opportunities. In addition, many door and window enterprises have also begun to test other new marketing channels, such as independent stores, suburban stores, community stores, and different industry alliances

in a word, adhering to the innovation competitiveness, resource integration and transformation approach has become a thing that all door and window enterprises must do. Only by constantly optimizing all aspects of the enterprise can we adhere to the competitiveness of the enterprise in the increasingly competitive market




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