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instructions for the use of integrated waterproof coating and supporting anti-seepage agent

Product Overview:

integrated flexible waterproof coating: This product takes modified acrylic lotion as the base material, adds a variety of imported additives, and adopts advanced technology to process a new one component multifunctional waterproof coating. This product can be widely used in water supply projects and underground buildings (garages, basements, etc.) and buildings such as toilets, balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. for rain proof, water seepage proof, water leakage proof and anti facing

integrated anti-seepage agent: This product is made of acrylic nano lotion as the base material and refined by scientific technology, which integrates anti-seepage and crack resistance, and is specially used as a supporting product for waterproof coatings

construction process and requirements:

★ base course requirements: the surface of the pre coating shall be firm and tidy, and free of looseness, oil stain, dust (ash, sand), crack and water stain

★ dilution ratio: the product must be fully stirred after opening the cover. If the viscosity of the product is too high, the integrated waterproof coating: no more than 5% tap water can be added to dilute; Integrated anti-seepage agent: dilute with water in the ratio of 1:1

★ construction process: apply 1-2 times of integrated anti-seepage coating on the qualified base surface first (if the base surface is too rough, apply at least 2-3 times, and the recoating time must be separated by 3 hours). After it is completely dry → apply 2-3 times of integrated waterproof coating (the recoating time must be separated by 6 hours)

★ brushing area: integrated waterproof coating: theoretical brushing area 1 ㎡/kg/time; Integrated anti-seepage agent: the theoretical brushing area is 10-12 ㎡/kg/time, and the rough base surface is less than 8 ㎡/kg/time; The actual painting area will vary according to the surface roughness of the layer and the construction method

★ effective thickness of paint film: plane: effective thickness of paint film> 200um (> 2mm); Bending surface, vertical surface, concave convex surface and connecting surface with pipe components: first brush one layer of integrated waterproof paint, then pave or wind the grid cloth or fiber cloth, and then apply two layers of integrated anti-seepage agent on the grid cloth or fiber cloth. After the anti-seepage agent is dry, apply two or three layers of integrated waterproof paint, and the total effective thickness of the paint film must be more than 300um (> 3mm); This thickness does not include the thickness of fiber cloth or mesh cloth itself

★ construction method: spraying, brushing, rolling and spreading

accident prevention and film protection:

★ effective measures such as scratch, puncture and damage prevention must be fully taken for the paint film after painting, whether in the construction period or in the delivery and use period of the project

★ in order to avoid construction dead corners and construction defects, the integrated waterproof coating is specially modulated into green and the integrated anti-seepage coating is specially modulated into white, so as to identify the uniformity and thickness of the film and ensure the construction quality


★ if there is hard and fast or precipitation at the bottom of the packaging barrel within the product warranty period, please mix it well before construction, and the construction quality will not be affected

★ products that have not been used up after being prepared (mixed with water) must be sealed and stored, and cannot be mixed with the original products

★ under normal temperature (temperature 25 ℃± 2 ℃, humidity ≤ 75%), the film protection period is> 72 hours, and the protection period must be extended under low temperature or high humidity conditions; Effective measures such as waterproof, antifreeze, anti rolling and protective film damage shall be taken in the protection period

★ construction is prohibited when the temperature is below 5 ℃ and above 35 ℃, as well as in rainy and high humidity environment

storage and transportation:

★ excessive stacking must be avoided during storage and transportation: the 18L packaging layer height should not exceed 3 layers

★ the storage temperature is between 5-30 ℃; Store in a dry and cool place; And avoid frost and exposure

free tips and instructions:

★ if you violate the above instructions, forced construction or illegal operation, illegal storage, etc. will cause the paint film to fall off, de powder, crack, pan alkali, fade, bacteria, deterioration and other unforeseen paint film defects and quality accidents. For this, neither the company nor the distributor will bear the quality loss and economic loss caused thereby

★ see the product certificate for the product warranty period and the executive standard of product quality


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