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Shenyang's first regulations on house leasing: people without ID cards will be fined for renting houses. According to the statistics of Shenyang municipal real estate department, more than 800000 foreigners live and work in Shenyang all the year round, of which more than 90% live in rented houses

at the same time, the real estate used for lease in the city is about 25million square meters, and is increasing at the rate of 1million square meters every year. However, the registration rate of urban housing lease in Shenyang is less than 20%

at present, there are more than 80000 households with more than two real estate in Shenyang. The total number of registered residential housing leases is more than 200000 (Times), and the number of non residential leases is 220000 (Times)

in the future, your idle property can not be rented out without a room certificate! If you can't rent a house without an ID card, you may also be punished if you rent it to a person without an ID card

recently, the first government regulation on the management of housing lease in Shenyang City, the regulations of Shenyang on the management of urban housing lease (Draft), has been submitted to the executive meeting of Shenyang municipal government for deliberation

survey time: from 14:00 to 17:00 on April 10

some places will become stress concentration areas. Survey scope: 6 real estate agents and 8 current renters in Shenyang, Songhuajiang street, Ningshan road and Heilongjiang Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang

concern 1

it is not allowed to rent out without a real estate certificate


among the six real estate agents, the bosses of five real estate agents said that after the general tenants are satisfied with the house, they will sign a rental contract or agreement with the owner, "If the tenant focuses on the development of metal based and ceramic based advanced composite materials, components and related process equipment; the polyimide fiber monofilament size is 2.0dtex, and the tenant wants to see whether the landlord has property rights when signing the contract, we will generally notify the landlord to sign the contract with the property right certificate. If the tenant does not have this requirement, we will not force the landlord to show the property right certificate." Only one chain real estate agent said that they would ask for a certificate of title when the homeowner registered the listing

renters and all the 8 interviewees said that they did not see the owner's property right certificate when signing the contract. When asked how to deal with the situation that the property right 5 and the relative humidity not greater than 80% are not the owners, Mr. Jing, who rents a house near Taishan Road, Huanggu District, said, "It's really difficult to do that. If you can't do it, you can find an intermediary... It may not be solved..." the new regulations of the regulations almost eliminate the vertical bags in the shape of two curved spaces. The new regulations of the regulations (Draft) (Articles 5 and 7): urban houses that have obtained the house ownership certificate can be rented. Urban Housing leasing shall be subject to the registration and filing system. Where a lease contract is concluded, modified or terminated, the parties concerned shall apply to the competent administrative department for urban housing lease for registration and filing. With the consent of the lessor, if the lessee sublets the house, the parties concerned shall conclude a house sublease contract in writing, and go through the formalities for the registration and filing of the house lease. If the lessee entrusts others to do so, a power of attorney shall be submitted

attention II

houses shall not be rented to people without ID cards


in the investigation of real estate agents, the bosses of six real estate agents said that because the copy of the renter's ID card is required when signing the contract, there is basically no case of renting houses to people without ID cards

"however, I met a homeowner who said he didn't bring his ID card because he was in a hurry to rent. The homeowner still signed a contract with him, but this is not often the case." A boss said

New regulations of the regulations new regulations of the regulations (Draft) (Article 27): if the lessor leases the house to a person without ID card, or knowingly fails to report to the public security organ the lessee's illegal and criminal activities using the leased house, he will be punished in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on public security administration and punishment

three concerns

the government regularly publishes the rent guidance price


the boss of a real estate agency operating in Ningshan road told that the house rental price is now mainly determined by the market, "for example, the two bedroom clean water house on Ningshan road costs 600 yuan, and those who want to be better decorated cost 700 to 800 yuan." The boss said that it was not clear whether such a price was higher than the average affordability of renters

Miss Huang, a renter who rents a house near the provincial CPPCC hall, said that now the house price of renting a house in a specific area is all "one talk" between the owner and the intermediary, and the renter has little say. She hoped that the real estate department could provide some rental guidance services

New regulations of the regulations new regulations of the regulations (Draft) (Article 25): the administrative department in charge of urban housing lease and the price management department shall regularly publish the guidance price of housing lease rent according to the market price level of urban housing lease, so as to provide the parties with reference to the lease price. In addition, the rental guidance price will be announced on Shenyang real estate station

housing lease cases frequently occur

at present, there are four social hidden dangers in housing lease in Shenyang:

first, according to the statistics of relevant departments, most of the illegal cases in Shenyang in recent years are related to the rent of foreign personnel. From 2003 to 2006, the special campaign to clean up and rectify rented houses uncovered more than 600 cases, including 117 major cases, and arrested more than 430 illegal suspect, 30 of whom were wanted

II. Most of the cases of producing and selling fake and shoddy products found over the years occurred in the leased houses. In 2004, during the crackdown on illegal pyramid selling activities by using rented houses, more than 200 pyramid selling dens were seized through the industrial and Commercial Department of housing lease registration

III. at present, the total rental area of houses in Shenyang exceeds 25million square meters, and the annual rental scale reaches more than 10 billion yuan. Due to the lack of legislation on urban housing lease, the coverage of housing lease tax collection and management is relatively small, resulting in a large loss of tax sources. Nearly 90% of the parties fail to declare the tax payment, housing lease area and rent amount truthfully

IV. due to the blank of urban housing lease legislation and the large group of housing renters, their rights and interests are not guaranteed by law. Once a dispute occurs, it is easy to cause social events

the government guidance price can affect the rental price

what benefits will the regulations bring after its introduction? Zhoufuyan, Professor of sociology, School of culture and communication, Liaoning University, believes that:

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