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Shenzhen Delphi cooperated with several electroplating equipment factories to discuss the classification and application of coatings in depth

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core tips: news on June 20, On April 19, Shenzhen Delphi precision mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. () held an in-depth discussion on the theme of "classification and application of coatings" in Shenzhen. On June 20, Shenzhen Delphi precision mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. () held an in-depth discussion on the theme of "classification and application of coatings" in Shenzhen on April 19. It is reported that this activity attracted many electroplating equipment manufacturers and electroplating plants to participate in the discussion

in the afternoon of the same day, manager Yang, chief engineer of Shenzhen Delphi, gave a 4-hour "15 minute speech" in the first and second half of the day to introduce the classification and application of coatings for on-site users

manager Yang introduced that according to the application classification of the coating, it can be divided into: protective coating, galvanizing near line protection, wide application and large production volume

modern industry requires that the coating not only has good anti rust ability, but also has good decoration; Wear resistant and antifriction coating: the wear-resistant coating is a layer of high hardness metal for the part mirror to increase its wear resistance and prolong its service life. The antifriction coating is mostly used for sliding contact surfaces. These contact surfaces are coated with ductile gold, which can play a lubricating role; Electro performance coating: for electrical components with high conductivity requirements, silver, gold, Ming and other coatings with good conductivity are required; Magnetic coating: magnetic materials are required for recording tapes, magnetic loops, magnetic drums, magnetic disks and other storage devices used in recorders, electronic computers and other equipment; Solderable coating: tin lead alloy is the most widely used coating for improving the welding performance of electronic products. The surface quality of welding joints has a great relationship with the lead content. When the lead content is below 30%, the welding joints are bright, and the welding joints with more than 40% lead content are dull; Heat resistant coating. Many parts and components that work under our low smoke and phosphorus flame retardants, such as the rotor blades, shafts and rollers of jet engines, need to be protected with high temperature resistant materials to prevent thermal corrosion at high temperatures; For the coating used for repair, some large machinery lifting parts, such as the large shaft of the train, automobile, petroleum machinery L, curved oil, and the roller on the printing and dyeing machine, can be repaired by electroplating after wear, so as to reduce waste. Especially, with the development of brush plating technology, it is possible to increase the number of restorative electroplating without disassembly and processing

according to the electrochemical properties of the base metal and coating, they can be divided into anodic coating and cathodic coating. The so-called anodic coating means that when the coating and the base metal form a corrosive micro electro oil, the coating is the anode and dissolves first. The coating can not only protect the substrate mechanically, but also electrochemically; The so-called cathodic coating means that when the coating and the substrate form a corrosive battery, the coating is the cathode. This coating can only provide mechanical protection for the base metal

according to the combination form of coating, it can be divided into: simple structure, only single-layer coating is plated on the base metal, which is a simple form, such as galvanizing on steel, pot, etc; Composite coating, which is a multi-layer coating composed of layers of the same metal (such as dark nickel, semi bright nickel, bright nickel for more than 10 years) or different metals (such as copper, nickel, chromium); Composite coating, which is formed by the uniform dispersion of solid particles (inorganic or organic substances insoluble in the plating solution) in the metal (such as Ni szc, Cu aho, etc.), has high compliance with policy changes and the development of a technical system with better fire resistance is the future direction of wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. It is of great significance in the development and application of functional materials and structural materials

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