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Huawei in Shenzhen has created "the wisdom of the whole scene". It is open, innovative and enterprising. Today is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Over the past 40 years, Shenzhen has made numerous remarkable achievements due to its openness, innovation and enterprising. As an enterprise growing up in Shenzhen, Huawei has been carrying out continuous innovation and cooperation with Shenzhen government and enterprise customers in cloud, AI, 5g, big data and other fields to jointly promote the development of Shenzhen's high-tech industry

in the era of intelligence, Huawei's cloud and computing industry is committed to making the cloud and intelligence omnipresent, and building the wisdom of the audience. Houjinlong, senior vice president of Huawei and President of BG for cloud and computing, said at the Huawei cloud and computing City Summit a few days ago that the key elements to achieve full scene intelligence are people-centered and four key points of development. Shenzhen will move from digitalization to all-round intelligence. Huawei will help Shenzhen create a smart Shenzhen with the whole scene

Houjinlong said that the development of the city must solve the three key issues of new people's life experience, new enterprise development and new government governance. In the final analysis, these problems are people-oriented, from digitalization to all-round intelligence, which will be the inevitable trend of urban development in the future. Huawei believes that the whole scene smart Shenzhen mainly includes three aspects: public service, enterprise development and Urban Governance: first, intelligent public service, which will move from a single service mode to a differentiated service mode, and from fixed location service to anytime and anywhere service; Second, the enterprise will develop intelligently. With the help of intelligent means, the enterprise will greatly improve the production efficiency, so as to realize the intelligent upgrading of the whole industry; Third, urban governance is intelligent. Urban governance will move from passive response to active perception and prediction, which can better improve the efficiency of urban comprehensive governance and agile service level

houjinlong said that in order to realize the whole scene smart Shenzhen, we need to adhere to one center and four major developments. One of the centers refers to people-oriented, that is, people-oriented; The four major developments refer to the fission effect brought about by strengthening the development of basic innovation, developing industrial ecology, developing artificial intelligence, key forward-looking layout of rare earth technology R & D and making it inclusive, and the integration and development of a variety of innovative technologies

expand the height and width of the whole scene smart Shenzhen

the depth of basic innovation will determine the height of the whole scene smart Shenzhen. Houjinlong believes that we need to move forward to the era of Urban Innovation 2.0 that pays equal attention to application and basic innovation, vigorously develop basic innovation, make use of Shenzhen's advantageous resources, fully mobilize the resources of scientific research institutes, leading enterprises and universities, improve the level and gold content of innovation, and enhance the basic innovation ability of the whole city. At the same time, seize the historical opportunity of new infrastructure, develop cloud, AI, 5g and other technologies, and provide new momentum for innovation and high-quality development of the city

Industrial Ecological synergy will determine the width of smart Shenzhen in the whole scene. Shenzhen has first-class industrial planning, measures and resources. Huawei has carried out comprehensive cooperation with Shenzhen in many basic industries such as Kunpeng, artificial intelligence and industrial interconnection, and jointly built an innovation center to jointly create a basic industrial ecology. In the future, Huawei will work with all parties in the society to expand the smart ecology of Shenzhen, truly realize the co creation and win-win of all parties, and comprehensively promote the construction of the whole scene smart Shenzhen

ai inclusive makes everyone affordable, well used and at ease

artificial intelligence technology is the key to the realization of a smart city. In the future, artificial intelligence will be deeply involved in various core systems and processes of social operation, greatly improving the efficiency of urban governance, improving public service experience, and promoting the coordinated development of enterprises

however, when carrying out comprehensive cooperation and exploration with all parties in Shenzhen around AI, we found that AI Pratt Whitney still faced problems such as expensive AI computing power, insufficient diversity of AI business scenarios, high AI technology threshold and lack of AI talents. These problems need to be solved by all parties in the society, so that AI computing power will be as convenient as water and electricity in the future, and intelligence will be everywhere

the construction of 5g network in Shenzhen is in full swing, but this is only the starting point. With the continuous development and upgrading of cloud, AI, 5g and other technologies, they will integrate innovation, bring commercial fission to thousands of industries, become the industrial foundation for urban development and the development of manufacturing industry and real economy; At the same time, through the accelerator of new material upgrading, thousands of applications, products and services have been nurtured and spawned to promote urban progress, help enterprise development and improve people's livelihood

Huawei and smart Shenzhen start again

over the past 40 years, Shenzhen has vigorously promoted enterprise innovation, and Huawei and other enterprises are also promoting the further progress of Shenzhen. Huawei and Shenzhen have carried out comprehensive cooperation around artificial intelligence to create AI scenarios such as intelligent transportation, future airport and intelligent water affairs

it is understood that the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission has signed a new infrastructure strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei. In the future, it will carry out in-depth cooperation in 5g, cloud computing and other major scientific and technological infrastructure, and accelerate the deep integration of digital, networking, intelligence and economic and social development in Shenzhen; The Shenzhen financial industry information technology application innovation base was officially unveiled. Huawei will further cooperate with all walks of life to carry out open innovation and build a new batch of Kunpeng Industrial Development carriers; Huawei has signed a contract with the industrial interconnection innovation center of Longgang District to create a benchmarking scheme for the transformation of intelligent manufacturing of industrial enterprises in Longgang District, and has joined hands with benchmarking enterprises to help Longgang District build a national leading industrial interconnection area driven by innovation, led by application and active ecology

today, Huawei is starting again with smart Shenzhen. Huawei is willing to work with Shenzhen and all walks of life to continue to uphold the spirit of daring, pioneering and surpassing, jointly explore the future and make achievements

Di! Behind the smart Shenzhen card is the Huawei cloud.

previously, you could take public transport in Shenzhen by taking out the Shenzhen pass card and clicking it. Now open the Shenzhen Tong QR code on the, and you can complete the fare deduction in 0.3 seconds. At present, the number of registered users of Shenzhen Tong QR code has exceeded 22million, and the daily transaction volume of Shenzhen Tong is close to 3million. Behind it, Huawei cloud provides support for the stable operation and maintenance of Shenzhen Tong

in 2004, Shenzhen Tong company was established, which opened the life of Shenzhen citizens who can take public transport with one card. On March 6 this year, Shenzhen Tong bus code was put into trial operation in the whole line of Shenzhen Metro, and Shenzhen also realized the one code traffic of urban metro bus

Huawei's testing machines for measuring mechanical properties and universal testing machines belong to the same category of testing machines for measuring mechanical properties. A-static load testing machines include tensile testing machines, pressure testing machines, change testing machines, compound stress testing machines, creep testing machines, durability strength testing machines, relaxation testing machines and Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness tester clouds, There were pain points in the early management and operation of Shenzhen Tong. First of all, Shenzhen Tong all-in-one card business requires high resource flexibility, and the traditional IDC room cannot meet the flexibility of elastic capacity expansion. Secondly, Shenzhen Tong has issued more than 46million cards in total and more than 22million Internet users. It has large business visits and concurrent traffic, and has high requirements for high availability and security. Third, the operation and maintenance cost of self built IDC is also high

Shenzhen tonger is of great significance to environmental protection. Once the dimension code is launched, it will be on the cloud. Shenzhen Tong believes that the advantages of cloud computing, such as flexible expansion and rapid response, can provide better support for the development of enterprise business. Especially for traditional enterprises, the operation and maintenance security cost is extremely high, which seems like a bottomless pit. Huawei cloud can not only provide strong basic protection for enterprises, but also support enterprises to purchase security services on demand, helping enterprises reduce costs

by using Huawei cloud's own load balancing, high availability database, intelligent resource scheduling, cloud encryptor and other technologies, Shenzhen Tong has effectively analyzed, adjusted and optimized the technical architecture. In may2019, Shenzhen Tong QR code began to work on subway travel, and completed the transformation of background system and foreground equipment based on Huawei cloud. At the front end, Shenzhen Tong has completed the transformation of the offline code and has been running stably on the Huawei cloud. At the back end, Shenzhen general rule cooperates with Huawei cloud and contractors to optimize the architecture for high availability. Shenzhen Tong also cooperates with Huawei pay to launch the interconnection card, providing citizens with more convenient payment methods and experiences. Source: Wisdom

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