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Shenyang Xinmin Hutai packaging and printing industry cluster infrastructure prosperity Road 6 and Zhenxing Road 9 road project Announcement No.: the tenderee has decided to select the construction contractor for the construction of the project through public bidding, and now the bidding related matters are announced as follows: 1 Name of the tenderee: Xinmin state owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. legal representative or entrusted agent: fengyongyong 2 Address of the tenderee: No. 4, Shifu Road, Xinmin City postal code: 3 Name of bidding agency: Liaoning Weier construction engineering bidding Co., Ltd. legal representative or entrusted agent: yangxiufang 4 Address of bidding agency: Postal Code: Name of bidding project: further improve the market competitiveness of Shenyang Xinmin Hutai packaging and printing industry cluster infrastructure prosperity 6 Road revitalization 9 road project 6 Location of bidding project: 7, Hutai Town, Xinmin City Implementation time of bidding project: to 8 Overview of the bidding project: project nature and purpose: infrastructure bidding qualification grade: Grade II fund source: loan and government investment amount: 8million yuan building area: 0 square meters structure type: number of floors: 0 number of buildings: 09 In this bidding, the tenderee will use the prequalification method to determine the qualified bidders. Any bidder who intends to participate in the bidding for the manually controlled hydraulic testing machine may register with the tenderee, obtain the prequalification document and apply for prequalification by virtue of the letter of introduction. 10. conditions that the bidder applicant participating in this prequalification must meet: above grade II (including grade II) of general contracting of municipal public works 11 Registration time: 15:00:00 to 16:00:0012 Registration place: Liaoning Weier Construction Engineering Tendering Co., Ltd. 13 The price of each set of Prequalification documents is RMB 0, which will not be refunded after sale. 14. this project is post qualification 15 The tenderee will timely notify the pre qualification results to the bid applicant and send the pre qualification notice. All bidders who have passed the prequalification and are determined to participate in the bidding shall purchase the bidding documents from the tenderee according to the time, place and method notified in the prequalification notification. 16. for other matters related to the bidding of the project, please contact the tenderee or the bidding agency. 17. contact person for this bidding: yuanchanglin: Note: no bidding announcement document is provided, no prequalification document is provided, and the registration is not closed.

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