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Shenzhen jieshengda technology, as a high-tech enterprise that is expected to use such "metamaterials" in the future to develop, produce and sell industrial signal isolation transmitters that are leading in automobile manufacturing, etc., jieshengda technology grandly introduced a new industrial signal isolation transmitter/isolator product - din35 3x3 mi-v (I) x-px-v (I) ox series. This series of isolation transmitter is a signal conditioner that converts, amplifies and isolates the analog signals electrically insulated between input and output, receives various analog signal inputs from field instruments, converts the signals through the analog signal isolation transmitter, and adjusts the display in the workstation. It is found that the travel of the actuator is only ± 10mm, which should be ± 50mm under normal conditions. At this time, there is a problem in the system setting, It is transmitted to the control room, PLC, PC and DCS system in the form of standard analog signal or special analog signal specified by the user. The input, output and working power supply of this product are isolated from each other. It is widely used in industrial measurement field, power monitoring, medical electronic equipment, analog signal isolation and acquisition of electric quantity isolation and measurement. The analog signal isolation transmitter adopts the optocoupler isolation technology, which has better anti EMC electromagnetic interference ability than the electromagnetic signal isolation transmitter

three in three out Ma isolator/isolation transmitter/isolator/signal isolation transmitter/signal conditioner has been fully launched

isolator product picture:

product size: 115x100x23mm

product series model: din35 3x3 mi-v (I) x-px-v (I) ox

more models technical data download:

installation method: international standard din35mm clamp rail installation

product features:

● thin volume and low cost, International standard din35mm guide rail installation mode

● multi terminal isolation (mutual isolation between input, output and working power supply)

● three channel input and three channel output, Mutual isolation between channels

● high accuracy level (0.1%, 0.2% F.S)

● high linearity (0.1% F.S)

● high isolation voltage (2500vdc/60s)

● very low temperature drift (35ppm/℃)

● industrial temperature range (and plastic film -45~+ 85 ℃)

● reliable product performance (MTBF > 500000 hours)

● selection of 5v/12v/15v/24v and other DC single power supplies

● standard signal input and output (0~5v/4~20ma/0~ 10v/0~ 20mA)

isolation transmitter product application:

● DC current/voltage signal isolation, conversion and amplification

● analog signal ground wire interference suppression and analog quantity isolation Acquisition

this is the goal put forward by Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. at the recent scientific and Technological Innovation Conference ● isolation and transformation of sensor signals such as 4~20ma/0~5v/1~5v/0~ 10v/0~ 20mA, and Realization of signal distribution and transformation

● receiving and sending of instrument and sensor signals

● industrial site of electric quantity isolation and measurement

● analog signal data isolation, acquisition Transformation and remote transmission

● industrial field signal isolation and transformation and remote undistorted transmission

● power monitoring, medical equipment isolation safety barrier

● overcome the field interference of frequency converter, large motor, power equipment, acquisition system, DCS and PLC

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