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Shenyang has successfully developed the base map file edge wrapping machine recently, Shenyang Municipal Archives Center has successfully designed and developed the base map file edge wrapping machine by itself. This machine is an archive protection equipment reinforced by Professor yuanzhiqing of the school of packaging and materials engineering of Hunan University of technology, which applies the thermal composite principle and uses the machine to not only instantaneously output cutting-edge pulse equipment to edge the base map file. The national archives administration once organized relevant experts to conduct product technical appraisal on the equipment. The appraisal committee believes that the equipment has made innovations in terms of use function, edge wrapping effect and work efficiency, as well as in terms of raw materials used, and is in a leading position in the protection of domestic base map archives

the base drawing file edging machine is composed of power supply, machine body, mechanical system and heating system. The power supply part reduces the mains voltage to 27 V and 15 V through a 90 watt transformer to supply power to the mechanical system and the heating system respectively. The machine body is made of alloy material, which is mainly used to fix the power supply, motor, mechanical system, heating system, etc. at the same time, it is used as the operation platform of the edging machine. The mechanical system is composed of pre coating tray, folding guide rail, motor, compound wheel, opening and closing wheel, paper cutter, etc., which is used for the transmission, forming, compaction and cutting of pre coating and base map. The heating system consists of heating elements and temperature control system. The heating element consists of four 15 Watt ceramic resistors. The temperature control system consists of a reference temperature setting potentiometer, a comparator, a sensor, a thyristor and an optocoupler to complete the temperature setting and control of the heating elements

the base map file edge banding machine applies the thermal composite principle, first heats the edge banding material, and then bonds the edge banding material with the base map edge through the mechanical pressing method, so as to achieve the purpose of reinforcing the base map edge. In order to realize the working principle, two factors are mainly considered

first, the edge wrapping material is the key to the edge wrapping quality of the edge wrapping machine. According to the relevant requirements of the archives protection technical specifications of the National Archives Bureau, the Municipal Archives Center has selected BOPP pre coating as the edge wrapping material of the edge wrapping machine after repeated experiments on edge wrapping materials with different components, and the tests of Liaoning paper making research institute and the physical and chemical testing center of Shenyang Institute of chemical technology. BOPP pre coating has the characteristics of stable chemical properties, non-toxic, non volatile and non corrosive

second, the control of temperature, pressure and speed in the process of mechanical pressing. The adhesive for BOPP pre coating is hot melt adhesive. The temperature determines the melting state of the hot melt adhesive, the leveling performance of the hot melt adhesive and the diffusion ability of the hot melt adhesive molecules to BOPP film, paper substrate and other material molecules, as well as the crystallinity of the hot melt adhesive. Only when the working temperature is properly controlled, can the solid hot melt adhesive layer of the pre coating film on the film be completely in the viscous flow state, with appropriate fluidity, so as to realize the wetting and bonding with the edge surface of the base image, ensure the instant curing after the composite, and make the base image file after the edge wrapping bond firmly, with a flat, bright and no crease. In addition, during the design of the temperature control system of the edging machine, the product selects a safe and reliable ceramic resistor as the heating component of the edging machine, and uses a closed-loop negative feedback system to accurately control the heat sealing temperature. Through repeated experiments, the Municipal Archives set the reference point of heat sealing temperature at 88 ℃, with a fluctuation range of 85-9l ℃

because the edge surface of the base map file is not very flat, only under the action of appropriate pressure, the hot melt adhesive in viscous flow state can fully wet the paper surface in the process of driving away the air on the paper surface, so that the colloidal molecules can diffuse to the inner layer of the paper and between the paper molecules, so that the base map edge can be bright, without fog adhesive layer and crease, and good bonding can be achieved. Therefore, under the condition of ensuring no wrinkle, properly increasing the pressure can fully reflect the thermoplastic curing function of the hot melt adhesive on the surface of the edging material, so as to ensure that the edging base map has strong resistance to various peeling and impact forces after compounding. At the same time, controlling the pressure is also the key to the design of edging machine. In the design process, the Municipal Archives self-made adjustable sheet metal is the coat type two-way compound wheel of the electronic universal experimental machine to realize the automatic control of the compound pressure, and achieved good results. The pressure range is 3-3.5 kg/cm2

as the base image edge wrapping is a dynamic composite operation, its movement speed determines the residence time of the composite on the hot pressing interface. When the bonding temperature and pressure are fixed, the change of speed will also change the bonding effect. If the speed is too fast, the hot pressing force will decline and the bonding will not be firm; If the speed is too slow, the efficiency will be reduced, and at the same time, bubbles will appear in the complex. During the design process, the Municipal Archives calculated that the control range of speed should be 15-30 mm per second through actual calculation, and the speed of edging can be controlled through the adjustable motor

The successful development of

base map file edge wrapping machine has completely changed the traditional base map edge reinforcement method and opened up a new way to save money and improve efficiency in repairing and protecting base map files. The equipment is highly automated and easy to operate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity

information source: China archives daily

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