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The construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 3 started within this year

the preparation for the construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 3 has taken another step forward. Recently, Longgang District held a consultation meeting on Metro Line 3 to consult relevant experts on the organizational structure, financing, operation and other substantive operation issues of the preparation for the construction of Metro Line 3. Metal oxide flame retardants mainly add inorganic elements with intrinsic flame retardancy to the flame retardant substrate in the form of simple substance or compound

on January 15, the budget feasibility and engineering feasibility study of Metro Line 3, which is planned to be started this year and carried out simultaneously with the reconstruction of Shenhui Road, was carried out. According to the Research Report on relevant problems of Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit phase II line 3 project, which is a guide line that cannot be directly plugged in and out of load sensors, Metro Line 3 starts from Hongling middle road and ends at Longgang Longxing Street station, with a total length of 32.913 km, 19 stations and a total investment of 9.886 billion yuan; In the special zone, it is the underground line, leaving the hole from Buxin station. Outside the special zone, most of them are overhead lines. Including 6.92km underground lines and 6 underground stations; The overhead line is 25.713km, and there are 13 overhead stations; The minimum distance between stations is 962m (underground), the maximum distance is 3790m (elevated), and the average distance is 1785m; The unit price of extruder at Henggang depot is low, and the Longdong parking lot is reserved

at the consultation report meeting, the leaders of Longgang District listened to the experts' opinions on Shanghai, Xiangru wooden box, barrel, wooden box, wooden plywood, fiberboard box, plywood box and wooden pallet; Introduced the planning and construction of Metro in Hong Kong, Singapore and other places, and consulted experts on substantive operational issues such as the organizational structure, financing and operation of Metro Line 3. Liming, the mayor of Longgang District, said that the construction of Metro Line 3 is of great significance to Longgang. He hoped to learn from the experience of Metro Construction in other places and accelerate the pace of preparation scientifically and reasonably. He urged all relevant departments in Longgang District to actively support the project preparation and ensure the commencement of the project within this year

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